Arredaesse Produzioni

Talking about one’s own creation, one runs the risk either to undervalue or to over estimate it.

We took a challenge which was both interesting, arduous, exciting and treacherous.

We wanted to achieve a distinctive production in which an old and dated family experience in furniture production could meet with international design in order to create a unique state of the art collaboration.

A collection of great excellence artworks

ARREDAESSE PRODUZIONI is a trade mark that represents a really international design:
Nigel Coates is from London, Dan Friedman is from New York, Pierangelo Caramia is from Paris, Stefano Giovannoni is from Milan and make up the team that wanted to break away from the obsolete patterns and to start a new trend – one without frontiers.

We are aware of the fact that there are indeed lots of things yet to do to achieve what we have been trying to do for a long time. That means we must give our best effort to international design, a design more and more cosmopolitan.