the laboratory of excellence


There are initiatives that simply arise naturally, as if they were already written, predestined. It was the end of December and I said to myself… my business is lucky, it is not going through the dark moment of economic crisis, but why? Maybe because I have always looked further, beyond the borders, creating a well-defined professional identity in the “Contract”, working worldwide with my projects, all of them realized with Made in Italy products. Lately I discovered new Italian areas of excellence, that are characterized by great dexterity and brilliance, but that often don’t know how to introduce themselves to new markets and how to promote their great capabilities; and unfortunately they are slowly dying, unable to generate new orders, that would be necessary to survive nowadays.


Hence, I decided to invest in a project that could give the deserved visibility to the right people and to small and medium enterprises that boast of an enviable background and yet unfortunately are not visible enough on international markets, if not thanks to people like me who wanted to insert their products in successful projects, but still without the presumption of changing the world. I did not ask for any help, since I believe that, through ARgallery70, my healthy business and myself have a moral obligation towards a depressed entrepreneurial world, which lacks in ideas and initiatives and needs a strong dose of self-esteem. I don’t have an art gallery, but a collection of great excellence artworks; and this very set of so many objects, that differ from one another, want to show, in a small and limited space, the broader meaning of Beauty; and believe me, beauty increases your self-confidence, helps you look beyond the obstacles and overcome the crisis.

ARgallery70. the laboratory of excellence


Thanks to all of you, to the artists, the enterprises and artisans that have believed in the project and that have kindly given their works to an innovative space, prototype for an area that will be soon created in Doha (Qatar), on the occasion of the Arredaesseqatar opening, a new business ready to face an international challenge. My great wish is to have schools visiting this space that is full of artworks and important objects, designed and/or created by well-known talented people, pride of our “ability to make”, that should be taken as an example by the young generation, the future of our society.

Vittorio Molteni