AR Lab 2019: “Between Fashion and Design”

History teaches us that the world of design and fashion, especially in recent years, have gone hand in hand by working closely, a combination of extremely interesting techniques, processes and materials. In fact, more and more often we find fabrics with particular textures, colors and finishes, which perhaps in the past were only combined with clothing, and are now used and combined with the world of furniture and general design. But not only; we find elements that in the past were brought exclusively to fashion, in the world of Design: from suitcases that become seats or furnishing containers, from the use of technical elements such as zippers and buttons, to the use and design of particular textures, materials and finishes, which were associated with the Fashion sector, but which today are also increasingly used in Design. Factors that have pushed more and more established companies in the fashion world to open their doors to furniture, with enormous success. And not only that, because in the same way, the world of Design has greatly influenced the world of fashion, with its own vision, both in terms of styles, materials, shapes and so on. Precisely for this reason, the theme of AR Lab 2019 is «Between Fashion and Design».



The project required of the Design guys is to design Furnishings, taking inspiration from fashion, which could simply concern the use of particular types of fabrics, rather than objects that are inspired by typical elements of Fashion, which can be bags, rather that of pockets, or why not from shoes rather than from particular cutting or manufacturing techniques. But not only that, a bit like it was at the 2018 Salone del Mobile, products that take their cue from nomadic Design.


The design boys of the Quarte classes were asked to redesign the AR Lab space, transforming the space into a fashion catwalk, where the prototypes will become the protagonists together with the fabrics, wallpapers and mannequins made by colleagues from the other sections, keeping the elements present within the space, such as the exhibitors and the existing structures, perhaps simply changing their colors and placements.


For the children of scenography, the required project is to design and create clothes, through the use of particular fabrics from fashion and design, using the cutting, sewing, and folding techniques that come from fashion, with their own imagination and imagination, to be applied and displayed through man and woman mannequins present in the AR Lab space, in order to make the exhibition space even more captivating and exciting.


The children of Figurative Arts will have to study and design patterns that can be applied to fabrics, rather than wallpapers or decorative panels, which can be combined both in the world of fashion and design.


The boys of the fourth class of Figurative Art, must design and draw figures, or stylized man or woman mannequins or with the most disparate shapes, on cardboard or other support, through the use of different techniques, from painting, to patchwork with fabrics , buttons or other, or to the application of other materials.


The Multimedia Audiovisual Kids were asked not only to make a film that narrates the entire design process, but also to design and create textures that can be applied to fabrics, or to be able to project digitally, where in this case it is the projection that becomes the texture of the wall but also of the people or objects on which it is projected.


Instead, Graphics kids are asked to design the invitation of AR Lab 2019, combining particular patterns, rather than the use of cards or why not fabrics.