Contract service

ARREDAESSE Contract, works on a turnkey basis

The company takes full responsibility from architectural and interior design and decorations projects to its completion.

ARREDAESSE Contract overlooks and manages each step from production to logistic and delivery goods, from installation of the items to after-sales assistance.

ARREDAESSE Contract design team, which is made up of qualified architects, designers and technicians, works on the outline project and carefully draws up the design for each individual piece of furniture, or others details of each part of interior decorations.


Project managers at ARREDAESSE Contract guarantee to the client the correct execution in terms of quality and time.

They plan and supervise every stage, coordinating all the activities and making sure to achieve the best result for each project.


ARREDAESSE Logistics Department is able to select and coordinate the best and most appropriate carriers and the most appropriate means of transport optimizing delivery in terms of time and cost, meets client’s deadline.


During production rigorous quality controls are carried out by ARREDAESSE specialised technician to ensure that each final piece is crafted to perfection.


ARREDAESSE Contract installation has high qualified personnel able to carry out and insure the installation and fitting out of all joinery works, carpets, marble,ceramics, plasterboard and iron.

Our site managers guarantee the perfect installation of the contracted work and coordination between their work and other companies presents on site.


ARREDAESSE team believes that is a company’s duty to be of benefit to the whole group rather than to a few individuals.

ARREDAESSE also offers work experience placements in conjunction with international architects who have the right characteristics and show the enthusiasm and aptitude required for this sort of work.